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Parenting Plans

If you have minor children, you and your spouse must develop a Parenting Plan. Before you draft your Parenting Plan, you must first honestly evaluate: each parent's abilities and each child's needs. Parenting Plans are tailored to the specific needs and abilities of each family.

After assessing your family in terms of the needs of your children, you and your spouse should actively participate in the design of your Parenting Plan. The Parenting Plan will be unique and tailored specifically to your family and should be comprehensive, identifying children's individual or special needs, educational placement and decision making, time sharing, holiday contact, transportation issues, extracurricular activities and decisions, conflict resolution and medical decision making.

If you and your spouse are not able to jointly establish a Parenting Plan, we will need to discuss other means of establishing your family's Parenting Plan with the use of a custody evaluator or parenting coordinator. These professionals will meet with you, your spouse and your children to evaluate the family and identify a contact schedule that will be suited to the needs of your children. Ultimately, the court must be presented with a Parenting Plan jointly agreed upon by both parents. It is vital to remember that if the parents cannot jointly agree, the court will evaluate the children's best interests to establish a Parenting Plan.

Parenting Plan Downloads

Assessment Worksheet for Parenting Plans

Basic Parenting Plan

Long Distance Parenting Plan

Highly Structured Parenting Plan

Safety Focused Parenting Plan

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